If you believe that you are the best person for the Job…

  • You must convince the interviewer
  • Learn how to win in a competitive selection process
  • Make a positive first impression
  • Maintain focus on the needs of the interviewer
  • Getting to the core issues
  • Impress with positive body language
  • Anticipate a probable line of questioning
  • Prepare for the unexpected questions
  • Use vocal technique to make a difference
  • Prepare yourself for the conversation and you will achieve the desired result

Dealing with a competency style question

In a conversation the Interviewer can only assess live, your Communication skills and your Personal Effectiveness that is your interpersonal skill and your coping skill. To establish your  competency or ability in other fields they must ask you questions.  Some of these are competency based questions. A competency based question relates to the past and is factual. It is designed to get you to describe how you behaved or reacted in a particular situation. The interviewer is focused on the Situation, Your Behaviour and the Outcome.