Interview Skills Testimonials

You do not have to be talking to Con for very long before you come to see the vast array of experience he has gained through his working life.  This experience helps him to deliver all of the required elements of a successful interview. He is the calming influence on the nerves, he understands what the interviewers are looking for and he gives you tools to take control of situation with practice and role playing.  He helps you create the need in the mind of the interviewer in order for them to choose you.  Newbridge Rotary Club has used the services of Con to coach young adults who required key interview skills in order to win a place on the Rotary Youth Leadership Competition, with the winners traveling to Strasbourg to take part in European Parliament Debate along with 500 other students from around Europe.  With Con’s help we have had winners in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Newbridge Rotary Club, Ireland

EBCR was tasked with preparing a senior executive for an interview to head up a national team for an international aviation carrier. Time was of the essence, a professional, flexible and thoroughly researched service was delivered. The attention to detail, professional approach, significant experience and speed of response ensures that BBS will continue to recommend their professional services on an ongoing basis.

Kenneth Finn Principal. BBS – Ballycarroll Business Services